What We Offer

Permanent Way

Exclusive or shared use of Barry Rail Centre facilities can be made available to its clients for undertaking permanent way based training. Barry Rail Centre has a wide variety of permanent way, and locations ranging from immediately adjacent to the mainline, or less safety critical locations well away from the mainline.


Our infrastructure runs immediately adjacent to the main line


Traction and Rolling Stock

Barry Rail Centre also offers an ideal location for the testing and commissioning of rolling stock, and its experienced staff are available to provide training and guidance to you on operating trains on its infrastructure. Barry Rail Centre also has extensive covered storage and workshop facilities for you to work on your engines and rolling stock, or alternatively can provide maintenance services through its own staff.


The site has been used by a wide variety of rolling stock



Barry Rail Centre provides an excellent safe filming location, in a variety of heritage and industrial settings. It has several platforms offering a different feel, railway sheds that can also look like modern and period wharehouses, and heritage and modern trains with both diesel and steam engines. It offers a dedicated service and seeks to work closely with location managers, to ensure a smooth and efficient service to clients.


An excellent and versatile location